LEADING Yourself and Your Team (with Chris McAlister): Episode 112

Chris McAlister is a speaker, author and leadership coach. He is the founder of SightShift, a company that helps ambitious people be courageous and kind. He created the 12-part program called Figure that Shift Out, in which he walks ambitious leaders, entrepreneurs, and managers through a deep discovery of their strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. They learn who they are and how to harness each moment for their growth. Chris speaks at public and private events, bringing that same framework to audiences all over the world.

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  • Chris talks about leadership- and how he learned quickly that your identity isn’t on the line when you’re being a leader. And if you believe it is, you’re going to lead from your ego.
  • Identity- this is something Chris talks about that we need to unblock. You need to possess a self that doesn’t require energy to build up.
  • Leadership to Chris is, simply put, leaving things better than you found them. His deeper answer is that the “better” shouldn’t be for your affirmation about yourself. You have to really leave things better to impact the people over yourself.
  • If you are making a transition to being an entrepreneur, Chris says you have to be a little crazy. It can be scary- and that is normal!! Being a leader means that you are imagining something about your life or someone else lives that doesn’t yet exist. You are envisioning it to happen. And that is so powerful
  • Chris says, “Most often the kindest person in the room isn’t the most strategic, and the most strategic person in the world isn’t the kindest.” The best leadership happens when those two things are brought together.
  • Chris says that if he walks out of the office and can’t hear the birds, he know he is too caught up in his own mind and ego. Such a cool way of saying that if we are so consumed in our own thoughts, we won’t be able to hear and be susceptible to what is right in front of us.
  • Leadership blocks: putting your dream in the hands of others.
  • Chris says being self aware is a huge way to grow as a leader.
  • The mindset of a successful leader, Chris says, starts with resilience, and ends with you giving the community what it needs.


  • (1:53) A little more about Chris, and how he got started.
  • (3:26) How Chris deals with connecting his success in business with his self worth.
  • (4:40) Ship of Theseus theory.
  • (6:06) What does it mean to Chris to be a leader?
  • (7:49) How to step into a leadership role- ex. Stay at home mom to entrepreneur.
  • (10:20) Whatever goal you are leading towards, you have to make sure it’s because you really WANT IT.
  • (11:16) How can you become the BEST LEADER POSSIBLE
  • (13:30) Why your ego should stay out of leadership.
  • (14:15) What are some things that can block your leadership?
  • (16:48) How to handle a crisis in your biz like a pro?
  • (18:57) How to lead your team well.
  • (20:50) How to grow as a leader?
  • (22:28) The mindset of a successful leader.
  • (25:53) Best book Chris has read.
  • (26:34) What does it mean to Chris and his organization to make an impact.
  • (29:02) Connect with Chris!


There’s a being, and there’s a doing.

Leadership 101 is just bringing energy.

To be a leader you’re imagining something about your life or the lives of others that they can’t see yet…so you do have to be a little bit crazy.

Most often the kindest person in the room isn’t the most strategic, and the most strategic person in the world isn’t the kindest.

You can lead with a view to help people grow.


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