Making More MONEY & Increasing PROFIT (with Amber Dugger): Episode 096

Amber Dugger is the founder of Profit For Keeps, a system developed for online entrepreneurs to end the stress and anxiety around numbers. It is a holistic system combining personal finance and business cash flow strategies using Profit First and YNAB (You Need a Budget). She has helped hundreds of coaches implement this system and has helped thousands more calculate revenue goals that actually make sense! She is a certified health coach from IIN, worked in corporate finance for 15 years before venturing out on her own in 2015, and thrives on being location independent.

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  • Amber says she started her business by filling a gap of what she saw people needed.
  • Let’s talk money mindset. Amber shares that there are so many ways to start a business without getting into debt. She shares that she worked a regular job, being able to save enough to put away so that once she quit, she had that savings buffer to get her business started. She also shares that even if you don’t have a corporate job, there are ways you can still save money. Her advice was to sit down as a family and look into how much you can budget for your business. Let family in on your end goal so you can create that vision and make it a reality. Decide how much you can invest each month.
  • Growth is so important. However, Amber says one of the biggest problems she sees entrepreneurs facing is over investing. If your business can’t support extra expenses, you shouldn’t be spending money on it. 
  • Amber talks about a “pay check stash”. This is a set amount of money you put aside for yourself. She says to take all your personal expenses and multiply it by 2. This is your first goal for an amount of money to put away, to have set aside for something that might come up in your life. Your next goal, Amber says, is to have 6 months of expenses put away.
  • Ambers advice is to invest in Gross Stock Mutual funds that mimic the market. On average it will double every 7 years.
  • Once you are in a place where you’re hitting your revenue goals, and able to put away that pay check stash, then you can make a stash for your Bucket List. Amber calls this “Profit for Joy”. Visualize the things you desire.
  • Intentional spending. Amber shares that when she sees someone in debt, the first thing to do is to go through every bill you pay and make sure you are using it. Challenge yourself to really cut out what you’re not using, because even $10 a month can do so much for your business.
  • When it comes to taxes, Amber’s biggest piece of advice is that you need to budget. Taxes for you as an entrepreneur and LLC are not taken out. Get in the habit of taking out a certain percentage of every check (20-25%) so when it comes time to pay, you’re not in a tricky situation. Think of it as ‘not your money anymore’.
  • Amber says that it’s so important to do things for yourself that bring you joy. Whether that be spending money on a business class ticket, or spending money on clothes that make you feel like a girl boss. Do those things for yourself, and let yourself have those little victories and joys.


  • (2:11) A little more about Amber, and how she got started as an entrepreneur.
  • (4:40) The biggest mistake Amber sees other entrepreneurs making.
  • (5:35) Amber’s tips for starting a business without getting into debt when you have a corporate job.
  • (6:00) Tips for stay at home moms who want to start their business.
  • (10:45) Why “course hopping” won’t help you. 
  • (11:13) Problems entrepreneurs have when they want to grow.
  • (12:40) Should you do a retreat?? Is it right for your business?
  • (13:42) Why you should have a budget, and track expenses?
  • (15:30) “Pay Check Stash” – What is it, and why should you should have one.
  • (18:50) Where to put away this extra money, and how to accumulate wealth.
  • (20:48) What to do with “extra” profit- Profit for Joy.
  • (22:59) What to do if you’re stuck in debt.
  • (25:17) Dealing with anxiety about money.
  • (27:14) Tools Amber uses to track.
  • (29:50) Bank accounts…how many Amber thinks you should have, and what software you should use.
  • (31:03) Taxes. All of Amber’s tips and tricks.
  • (34:58) Total money vs. profit.
  • (38:20) How much does your business need to make for you to make $10,000 a month as your owner’s pay?
  • (41:20) The best books Amber has read?
  • (43:15) What does it mean for Amber to make an impact?
  • (43:55) What’s next for Amber?
  • (44:40) Where can you connect with her?


“Visualize the things that you desire, and put it on a list, declare it out loud.”

“The power of intention is so strong.”

“Get clear on what it is that brings you fulfillment, and that’s going to be different for everyone.”

“It just takes one step at a time”


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Making More MONEY & Increasing PROFIT (with Amber Dugger): Episode 096

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