Funnels That Actually CONVERT (with Dawn Apuan): Episode 136

Dawn Apuan is a mindset & business coach who gives women the tools and support needed to find faith in themselves and live a life of purpose. Dawn inspires women to live abundant lives filled with peace and happiness, and spreads her message that stress & busyness is a choice – and so is joy. Dawn, a former pastor and Non-profit Executive Director, uses her compassion and expertise to guide women through her signature FAITH framework 1:1 business and mindset coaching program.

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  • Dawn explains that funnels are systems of getting people into your world and moving them into the buying process. The top level are leads–people who give you their email and contact and from there, you aim to nurture them into the buying process.
  • Funnels you need: Landing page funnels. This is your main funnel to get people in the door. From there you can have an evergreen webinar funnel, you can have a sales page funnel with a baby offer, or even upsales, email nurture sequences, etc.
  • Dawn explains that the power of an upsell is that it gets people to commit more. It is a process to warm them up. For your upsell, you can do masterclasses, digital course, etc. Normally the price point for an upsell is in the $97 price point. A downsell offer is normally around $37. The key is giving a ton of value–10X the value for that price.
  • 30% is a standard funnel–but you really want to aim for 50%. Dawn says that hers is around 60%. You want to make sure your traffic is high so that the conversion rate gets better. When you add in the upsells and downsells, that will really help your conversion rate.
  • Dawn says your HEADLINE matters. She changed the headline of her ad and it 3X her leads that day. Use emotional words that will get people to stop scrolling. 
  • Invest in your business–you NEED TO invest in a program that will help your funnel. Dawn recommends Leadpages. Lowest price point, good quality.
  • Dawn tells us that making funnels that convert does take time. It’s not going to happen overnight, but you do need to invest in the right platforms to maximize your growth.
  • A Facebook Pixel is the code that Facebook uses to track everyone who lands on your page, searches you, etc. If you do Facebook Ads, you will want to use this code to find MORE people who already opted in. Dawn says for your Facebook Pixel, make sure you only have ONE. You need only one for your business.


  • (1:23) A little more about Dawn.
  • (1:47) How Dawn “accidentally” became an entrepreneur.
  • (3:20) Funnels: what are they?
  • (4:29) What kind of funnels do you need?
  • (6:34) Examples of funnels in my business.
  • (7:18) What is an “upsell”? Why do you need one?
  • (8:27) Price point you need for upsells / downsells.
  • (11:28) What are the analytic numbers to look at to see if your funnel is working?
  • (13:05) How to TRIPLE your leads.
  • (18:30) Where did Dawn read copywriting?
  • (23:04) Platforms to invest in to make a good funnel?
  • (27:12) Common mistakes Dawn sees people make with their funnels?
  • (29:05) Why you NEED to have a Facebook Pixel.
  • (34:18) What does it mean to Dawn to make an impact?
  • (35:50) Where you can connect with Dawn.


“You have to find something that is going to get people to stop scrolling.”

“You want to leave them being like–I’ve got to know that.”

“Invest at a higher level in your business.”

“Your funnel can pay for itself.”


Connect with Dawn:



Tools Mentioned:

Triple Your Leads with this tool: 


Books and Sites Recommended in the Episode:

Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale

How To Write Copy That Sells by Ray Edward

Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz (Author), Martin Edelston

Russel Brunson Free Book

Examples of Funnels:

Russel Brunson Free Book funnel

Free Pinterest Cheat Sheet:

  • Landing Page Funnel
  • Baby offer “Creating Killer Content”

Webinar Funnel:

  • Emails
  • Sales Page
  • Upsell


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