How She Built a 7 Figure AND 6 Figure Business WITH 4 Kids (with Jessie Harris Bouton): Episode 138

Jessie Harris Bouton - wife and mom of 4 (almost 5), a 17 year entrepreneur both on and offline, a certified life and business growth strategist, author, speaker, and former professional 300+mph race car driver. After retiring from drag racing as the world’s winningest driver in the history of the Jet Dragster division in both the male and female categories, a major career and life change left her lost, depressed and wanting more.  Intentional living techniques saved her life, her marriage, her motherhood, her health, and grew her businesses exponentially as she found purpose in her experiences. She has now made it her mission to help others create more meaning, money and freedom in their life by growing their purpose-driven business on their terms!

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  • Jessie shares that when she was starting out in the race car driving world, her mindset was everything. She said she smashed the glass ceiling and owes it all to her mindset. She talks about how she took probably close to 1,000 no’s–and she says that those no’s are a HUGE part of success.
  • She talks about systems, and how important they are. She shares that you have to take care of yourself first before other people, you have to know your strengths and weaknesses, and to really not over-complicate things for yourself.
  • The One Thing Formula: Show up all day for one specific thing. Jessie shares you can’t give 10% to this task, 15% to this task–you need to show up and be all in and completely present in that one thing–whatever you need to get done that day.
  • Jessie’s schedule to stay structured: She shares that she creates separate content calendars. One is for her business and her podcast, one is for her kids activities, and one is for her hospital appointments. She writes it all down, and then blocks it out on her calendar. While she doesn’t block out every single minute, she does write down everything she needs to do.
  • Learn to take control of what you can take control of and let the rest go.
  • Jessie shares that one of the biggest mindset shifts she uses on a daily basis is asking herself who she needs to be.
  • What are the qualities for a million dollar business owner?
    • Knowing and believing in yourself.
    • Be a DO-er not a THINK-er. Take the actions.
  • Jessie’s Three Step Daily RUSH System
    • 1. Plan out your day
    • 2. Execute your day
    • 3. Evaluate your day
  • You don’t just have one purpose in your life. If you’re feeling lost, take a look at your life and what else you can create.


  • (1:25) A little more about Jessie.
  • (2:30) How Jessie got started as an entrepreneur, starting with being a race car driver!
  • (7:45) Jessie’s depression moved her forward to discovering HER dream.
  • (9:20) Jessie’s systems–how she makes it all work.
  • (12:02) The One Thing Formula.
  • (15:14) How Jessie is able to keep up with everything on a day to day basis.
  • (16:10) Why you should schedule your time on Instagram.
  • (17:19) Jessie’s schedule to stay structured!
  • (22:25) Mindset shifts/hacks that got her to where she is today: who vs. how.
  • (23:25) What are the qualities for a million dollar business owner?
  • (24:56) Jessie’s Three Step Daily RUSH System.
  • (28:04) How Jessie and her husband got involved in the online space together.
  • (31:30) How the purpose driven life changed Jessie’s life.
  • (37:10) What does it mean for Jessie to make an impact?
  • (37:47) Where you can connect with Jessie?


“It wasn’t luck–I had myself set up for any and every opportunity and took 1,000 no’s.”

“If I can’t change it, I’m not going to get nervous about it.”

“I’ve learned to take control of what I can take control of, and let the rest go.”


Connect with Jessie:


Instagram: @jessieharrisbouton

Podcast: The Millionaire Mompreneur Project

Books and Sites Recommended in the Episode:

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

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