Talking Money Mindset with Intuitive Business Coach Emily Aarons: Episode 043

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Episode 43 Show Notes

Today’s episode is an interview with intuitive healer and psychic business coach, Emily Aarons! We’re talking all about money mindset. This is something I see so many entrepreneurs struggle with! If you don’t have a good mindset and you have limiting beliefs, you can’t move forward in your business. Take some notes, and ENJOY!


  • She said her job was soul sucking, and so she really wanted to get into something she loved. When she had her son, she knew she needed a change.
  • Emily shares that her husband didn’t understand what she did, and she had some real doubt from people in her life about what her company was. But she knew she wanted to stay at home with her son, while running a business. Sometimes having those doubts can hold us back if we listen to them. But if we don’t, and hold true to what we know we want to do, we can succeed in it.
  • Symptoms of a money block: no one is buying your products or services, you feel bad for charging people for your products, you don’t want to raise your prices, or charge what you think you’re worth.
  • Getting past a money block is all about going back to the root of a money problem, whether it be in your past, or present. But you need to identify with that block, and trace your steps as to why you have that belief of money.
  • There are alternative words or phrases as to not create a negative money mindset for our kids and families.
  • Emily shares how meditation has made such a big impact on her life. It allows her to be conscious, what keeps her here, and how she can serve at her highest level
  • Such a big limiting belief people have is that a market is oversaturated. People don’t see that people will buy if you are an authentic business. If you still work your booty off, and give peoples something so authentic, even if other people are in that market, no one can do exactly what YOU can.
  • If your goals don’t scare you they aren’t big enough. Goals should make you want to throw up a little bit. Don’t sell yourself short of what you can do.
  • Our intention for a day, should hold a space for a further mentality. For who we want to be, what we want our goals to be, etc.
  • Emily shares how she always wants to live and share at her highest level. She wants to serve people and help. Make sure you’re feeling your purpose, and on a path to shine your light.

Homework: Answer These!

  • Who do I need to become to reach the goal I’ve set for myself?
  • What do you need to START and STOP doing?


  • (2:19) A little more about Emily Aarons.
  • (2:30-3:10) Bad connection! Skip to 3:27.
  • (3:27) Emily shares how she got started in this field
  • (6:10) We talk about how Emily’s struggle was the reason she started this successful business.
  • (8:01) Who does Emily help? What is her business model?
  • (9:34) Money Blocks: What are they, how can we get past them?
  • (11:04) Steps for overcoming money block.
  • (15:16) What are some things you should avoid saying as parents when it comes to money, as to not make a money block mentality for them in the future?
  • (17:12) Daily practice to have a strong money mindset.
  • (17:40) Meditation- and how it’s made a huge difference in Emily’s life.
  • (19:44) How you can get started in meditation.
  • (22:41) Meditation apps you can use.
  • (24:52) Limiting beliefs: common ones Emily sees, and her tips for overcoming them.
  • (29:41) Emily talks about her goal to break 1million this year.
  • (34:10) Be intentional. Emily talk about how intentions hold a space for us.
  • (38:15) Money isn’t just the root of all evil. The more you make, the more you can inspire and help others.
  • (39:52) What does it mean for Emily to make an impact?
  • (41:39) Whats next for Emily?
  • (42:52) Where can you connect with Emily?


“I kept wanting to help more people.”

“In my first year and a half business online I 10Xed my business!”

“Take out your phone, and set a timer for 1 minute”

“We all have a minute- and it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on the toilet”

“There are so many people that are praying for you to get your stuff out there”

“If we want the business we’ve never had, we have to do things we’ve never done!”

“I feel like when we set our goals to be ‘realistic’ we actually play small”

“It’s a perfect blend of I’m so excited, what if I do this, and I’m gunna barf”

“Who are you to not shine at your brightest”

“The more money you can make, the more people you can help?”


Connecting with Emily Aarons:


Facebook Group: Life Made Simple

Instagram: @emilyaarons

Apps for Meditation


Emily’s Book Recommendations 

Law of Divine Compensation- Marianne Williamson


I Am NOT Your Guru- Tony Robins (Netflix)

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Talking Money Mindset with Intuitive Business Coach Emily Aarons: Episode 043

Thanks so much for listening! Comment below with your #1 takeaway!

To help out our show I would love it if you would subscribe and leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews really help the show, and I read every single one!

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