Essential Habits of Highly Successful People (with Eva Medilek): Episode 254

Eva is a Certified High-Performance Coach. She has been incorporating transformational, research-backed principles into her practice while helping Executives, Entrepreneurs, Influencers and Business Leaders create sustained, heightened levels of success in business and in personal life by developing relationships and influence, taking radical responsibility and implementing habits for success.

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  • Eva said that through working on herself, she learned the value of relationships: How you do one thing is how you do everything.
  • Eva helps people become high performers in every aspect of their lives.
  • Eva talks about how you have to know yourself, before you grow yourself. She says that what you learned in your early life experiences comes into play in your adult life. You have to recognize those habits so you can reign in the good ones and fix the bad ones.
  • The Five Core Areas of High Performance
    • Clarity
    • Energy
    • Courage
    • Productivity
    • Influence
  • Eva talks about how we need to be aware of our fear. Channel what those fears or experiences you had from childhood are, those things probably have a lot to do with our fears in our adult life.
  • MedsRx: Meditation, Exercise, Diet, Sleep, Supplements 
  • Eva talks about how she relates energy to a racetrack. When you see race cars going around the course and the lead car goes for a pitstop–that car is re-energizing so they have just as much energy in the second half of the race as the first half so they can win. We don’t always do this as humans. Eva talks about how you need to take 3-5 little breaks throughout the day to truly re-energize yourself.
  • Eva says her morning routine is waking up early, and not turning her phone on first thing. Give yourself space to plan out your day and plan out your breaks. Do a meditation, work out, or listen to an inspirational podcast. Maybe you write, or create, so you can get ideas out. Truly give yourself an hour, to have time for you.
  • Productivity, Eva says, is part of planning your day. She says you shouldn’t be working more than 50 minutes at a time at any one task. Give yourself breaks in between your tasks so you don’t get burnt out. She says to set 2-3 goals that you want to accomplish every day so you are truly living for YOU, and so you set yourself up to win the day.
  • Radical responsibility–our results of our lives are a direct result of the choices that we make. Take radical responsibility. 
  • S+R=R (Situation + Reaction = Results)
  • Eva shares that if you want to have a successful business, be a high performer, and have great relationships, you have to acknowledge its leverage. You need to ask for support–balance is not equal. Be okay with the fact that some days one aspect of your life will take more time.
  • Self care isn’t selfish. It’s crucial so you can be your best self in the other aspects of your life! You have to schedule in the fun, the time for yourself. It gives you something to look forward to and gives you a heightened sense of joy, fun and anticipation.


  • (1:48) A little more about Eva.
  • (2:36) How Eva was able to get started as a high performance coach.
  • (5:01) What Eva does for people as a coach.
  • (5:58) 5 Core High Performance Areas.
  • (7:52) How to become aware of your fears.
  • (9:50) How you can stay high energy?
  • (12:31) Eva talks Mental Energy, how to find habits that work for you.
  • (14:17) Productivity tips–how to set yourself up to win the day.
  • (17:30) Radical responsibility.
  • (19:02) How Eva and her husband’s infidelity saved her marriage and woke her up to own who she was.
  • (20:32) How to have a successful business, be a high performer and have a great relationship?
  • (22:30) Self care is key!
  • (25:10) Why I hired a babysitter.
  • (26:47) How an endurance challenge Eva attended helped shaped who she is.
  • (30:40) Communication in your relationships.
  • (33:51) One of the best books Eva’s read.
  • (34:07) What does it mean to Eva to make an impact?
  • (35:05) Where to connect with Eva.


“How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

“You have to know yourself, before you grow yourself.“

“Our families are getting what’s left over of us after we finish our work day.”

“You’ve gotta re-fuel.”

“Set yourself up to win the day.”

“Balance is not equal.”


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Books mentioned int the episode:

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

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