Secrets to Becoming a Famous Blogger (with Elaine Rau): Episode 255

Elaine Rau has been featured in 500+ magazines, books and publications and has spoken on stages all over the world on how to become a successful blogger and influencer.  Within 3 years, has amassed an audience of 300,000+ followers across all social media platforms. After just one year of blogging, Elaine was interviewed by the Huffington Post on her success and people started emailing her their questions which she answered in her signature courses:

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  • Elaine talks about how she is an accidental entrepreneur. It was because her job wouldn’t give her time off work for a family emergency that she quit and started a blog.
  • Elaine talks about how she monetized her blog after only a few days. She posted EVERY day at 6pm and kept that consistency, which not many people were doing.
  • In the beginning, Elaine interviewed a bunch of female entrepreneurs. She would schedule these interviews and that became the content for her blog posts.
  • Elaine shares that your blog schedule should be as often as you could be consistent. Once a week is great, but social media should be daily in today’s world.
  • When Elaine did a guest post, she would send an email asking what they did in business. Her content was solely based on the inspiration and content those guests would give her.
  • When it comes to monetization, Elaine says that hers just happened. She has since made a course on how to monetize and get brand deals.
  • “Action over announcements” Elaine says to just take action! Don’t just think about doing it, actually take action on it. She says to think about blogging less as an end goal and more about it as the next step to success.
  • Elaine says that strategy came to her more as she learned. When you first start you’re not going to have the strategy down, but as you keep going you’ll find the systems that work for you!
  • The new form of blogging is content marketing. Elaine shares that there is a new path for blogging, not just online journaling. She shares that companies are seeking bloggers every day for content marketing. It’s all about weaving in your personal story. She says learn from the person above you, cater to the person below you.
  • Get curious about the things that didn’t work. Not everything is going to work in your business and it’s important to reflect on the misses as much as the hits.
  • “If you learn how to make money in your sleep, that’s the way you can have success.”


  • (1:36) A little more about Elaine’s story to becoming a blogger.
  • (2:36) How Elaine exploded her blog.
  • (3:44) Consistency is the key to success.
  • (4:31) How much time Elaine put into her blog at the start.
  • (6:44) How often should you upload as a blogger?
  • (7:40) Elaine’s transition from interviews to guest posts.
  • (8:30) Time commitments.
  • (9:39) How Elaine grew her email list and mistakes she made along the way.
  • (10:24) Elaine’s tips on how to monetized her blog.
  • (11:59) How to encourage someone to start their blog.
  • (13:10) The power of getting a coach or mentor.
  • (15:30) How Elaine found people to do the interviews for her blog.
  • (17:07) Is blogging dead?
  • (18:55) Biggest mistakes Elaine’s made in her business.
  • (22:03) Self reflection about success.
  • (26:25) The best book Elaine has read.
  • (27:02) Making money in your sleep.
  • (27:38) Courses Elaine has taken.
  • (28:10) What does it mean to Elaine to make an impact?
  • (29:13) Where to connect with Elaine.


“Consistency is everything.”

“Everyone likes new fresh content.”

“Action over announcements.”

“Spend less time trying to get there and doing it on your own.”

“Spray and pray.”

“Learn from the person above you, cater to the person below you.”

“Get curious about it.”

“When you hit the end of yourself, there’s nowhere to go.”

“If you learn how to make money in your sleep, that’s the way you can have success.”


Connect with Elaine Rau:

Instagram: @ElaineRau @LadyBossBlogger

Books mentioned in the episode:

Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller

The 5-Day Weekend

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