3 Pillars to Successful Social Ads (with Traci Reuter): Episode 114

On this episode we're talking all about social ads with special guest, Traci Reuter! If you've struggled with social media and gaining traction, this is the episode for you!

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  • Traci talks about how the more engaged their audience was, the more they converted.
  • 3 Pillars of Successful Social Ads
    • 1. Audience Building
    • 2. Engagement (The Know, Like, Trust, and Remember Factor)
    • 3. Conversion Campaigns
  • Random doesn’t work. Traci says that engaging your ideal clients is a KEY takeaway. If your content is random, it won’t attract any set group of people. People will relate to you if your content is really straight forward IN your niche.
  • Traci talks about engagement ads that work really well are: Videos, testimonials, GIF, very video focused.
  • Remember that attracting clients is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. You have to take the necessary steps for people to know like trust and remember you.
  • One key takeaway that Traci tells us, is that you need to take the leap in investing in Ads. It is scary. However, by spending money, you will be able to attract an audience that you never would have gotten in front of.
  • Don’t compare your business to someone else. Just because one person you follow spent $10K on ads, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily ready for that. You have to make an investment using the data from YOUR business, no one else. You have to get the data that is unique to your own situation, and you will soar.
  • You want to have a plan to be in front of your ideal clients without spamming them, but by simply adding value to them.
  • Traci says that she journals every single day. She shares that it’s such a safe place in her business. She also sees a therapist, which she says really helps her to let out the emotions that are tough in her life, so she can give more of herself in her family and business.


  • (1:18) A little more about Traci.
  • (2:40) About Traci’s agency: who they help, what they do, and what her team looks like
  • (5:15) How to build a foolproof strategy to engage ideal clients.
  • (6:05) 3 Pillars of Successful Social Ads
  • (8:20) Examples of ads and campaigns that Traci would run for her clients.
  • (11:01) Engagement content.
  • (13:33) What should your Ad Budget be?
  • (17:25) Spending money to make money, and why you HAVE to trust it.
  • (21:45) Why you have to adapt your budget and circumstances to YOUR data and business.
  • (22:30) When are people ready to buy? (The 24 hour clock example)
  • (25:50) The importance of Serving over selling.
  • (30:10) Using your CONTENT to build your following.
  • (31:16) A big mistake Traci sees people making on Ads.
  • (33:34) How does Traci manage everything? (And her morning routine!)
  • (39:37 What’s the best book Traci’s ever read?
  • (40:45) What does it mean for her to make an impact: Her uncle- his story about risking everything to be an entrepreneur.
  • (42:50) What’s next for Traci?
  • (43:47) Where to connect with Traci.


“If you’ve got a limited budget, video ads are great”

“Know, like, trust, and remember”

“Begin with the end in mind… and work backwards”

“This is a marathon, not a sprint”

“You don’t want to just reach out when you want to sell”

“The longer the runway, the more successful the launch”

“Prioritize health over business”


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3 Pillars to Successful Social Ads (with Traci Reuter): Episode 114

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