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How Entrepreneurs Can Create a Standout Personal Brand (with Brand Strategist, Isabelle Mercier Turcotte): Episode 026

Episode 26 Show Notes

Today I’m interviewing Isabelle Mercier, she is the co founder and CEO of Leap Zone Strategies, and host of Leap TV. Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte is a ‘no-nonsense’ dynamo, born to catapult passionate entrepreneurs to build infectious and impactful brands, businesses and lives. As one of North America’s Top Small Business Influencers; best-selling author, TEDx speaker with more than 1.6 Million views, and TV show host, Isabelle’s sole purpose is to empower ONE Million Entrepreneurs to rock their businesses and lives into shape by creating a worldwide “My Life, My Biz, My Way” Movement.


  • Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways. Isabelle talks about how she was supposed to be a dancer, and because of her injury she was never able to get back to it. She then went on to study something else which led her to the love of her life, and started her on this course correction to her successful career path.
  • The key to be strong in business is consuming versus creating. People who are successful and people who are not have only one difference, their level of discipline. When you live in creating mode, theres more joy and more fulfillment.
  • The key to branding is to differentiate yourself. You want to leave people knowing what your mission is.
  • Think of how you want people to feel when they see your brand. Isabelle says to get a mentor that knows about what you want your brand to be. You want to look under the hood of what your genius is, and of who you are”
  • Isabelle had turned down the TEDX invitation to talk. She eventually agreed to do it, but talked about how she was nervous, and didn’t want to mess up in front of an audience. Everyone has holdups like this- but it’s when you let go of those holdups that you grow the most.
  • If you want your business to thrive as much as the people you are helping, you need to give it that attention!
  • You need to give as much attention to yourself as your clients.
  • Momentum. Isabelle talks about how important this is. If someone feels activated, that means they will feel empowered to create exactly what they want.
  • You can’t be everyones cup of tea- you need to be exactly who you are and you will attract who you’re meant to work with. If you try to impress everyone, you will loose your genuine tribe.


  • (2:25) A little more about Isabelle.
  • (3:18) How did she get started in the industry?
  • (6:02) The biggest lesson she has learned so far.
  • (7:30) Consuming vs. Creating: What mode do you want to live in?
  • (9:50) Isabelle talks about her Build to Rock program: how to set yourself up for success YOUR way. Not stuck in other peoples mold.
  • (10:45) Branding: Her keys to doing it correctly, and why it is SO important?
  • (12:20) What is your Genius? What is your Promise?
  • (13:40) Isabelle talks about how she built a 7 figure business without a website!
  • (16:50) Brand Promise: how to categorize what you want your brand to promise to people?
  • (17:50) How did Isabelle land a spot on the TEDX Stage?
  • (18:30) Isabelle shares how loosing her train of thought in her TEDX speech ended up being a huge ah-ha moment in her life.
  • (21:23) What does the preparation for TEDX look like?
  • (22:06) Leap TV: What is it, and how does Isabelle use it to teach people to build a brand?
  • (24:42) Isabelle talks about how you need to set up your business for success, and you need to learn to wear many hats, and some of those have to be for yourself.
  • (26:36) Business coaches: Why you need one (or three like Isabelle)
  • (27:42) What made Isabelle decide to go from an offline business, to online?
  • (29:31) Isabelle talks about what team look like, and the importance of people in your business that you can trust.
  • (32:00) What does it mean to Isabelle to make a difference?
  • (35:05) What sets her apart?
  • (36:24) What’s next for Isabelle Mercier?
  • (37:21) How and where to connect with Isabelle!


“There are two things in this life: the pain of discipline, and the pain of regret”

“The key to branding is understanding your mission”

“Understanding the key ingredients of your brand, what your brand stands for, that is what dictates what your look and feel is going to be”

“I built a 7 figure business without a website”

“When you’re in the frame you can’t see the picture”

“You gotta treat yourself like your own best client”

“In order to make a difference, you’ve gotta make a stand”


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How Entrepreneurs Can Create a Standout Personal Brand (with Brand Strategist, Isabelle Mercier Turcotte): Episode 026

Thanks so much for listening! Comment below with your #1 takeaway!

To help out our show I would love it if you would subscribe and leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews really help the show, and I read every single one!

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