How to COLLABORATE with Other Entrepreneurs to Make a Bigger Impact (with Kim David): Episode 082

On today's episode, I'm interviewing Kim David! We’re talking about making an impact through kindness, and the power of collaboration.

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Episode 082:

On today’s episode, I’m interviewing Kim David! We’re talking about making an impact through kindness, and the power of collaboration. She’s a mom, wife, team manager, and author. She’s the founder of Project Stella Resources, helping parents and educators find meaningful service opportunities in their communities, to grow their audience and business. Take some notes and ENJOY!!



  • Kim says that the first thing she does with clients is figure out where they’re struggling. She really works at getting to the bottom of the issue, and discover their passion again.
  • So many people want to do something great. Kim talked about how one thing she heard time and time again is kids wanting to do these grand things with their lives. Which is amazing- but a lot of times parents and educators don’t know how to lead those ideas down a path for success, and she felt very passionate about helping those people be better able to guide the kids.
  • Kim says that her online component became so important because she was now able to reach an audience world wide, instead of just people in the community. That’s why she began with her journal workbook, and soon led to a course.
  • She funnels people in from Pinterest, then gets them to her blog- she then has 2 freebies where people can pick which one best fits their needs.
  • Kim talks about how COLLABORATION IS KEY. In doing this, she shares that you’re able to use the audience each person has.
  • It’s hard to always be positive. There is power in finding a community of entrepreneurs that can help lift you up, collaborate with, and give you motivation that maybe friends or family with 9-5 jobs wouldn’t understand.
  • “Your breakthrough is right on the other side of that wall that you’re up against!” It’s when you keep pushing through those tough moments, that will lead you to success. Don’t give up! You’ve got this!


  • (2:01) A little more about Kim David.
  • (2:59) How does Kim help parents and educators be able to transform their homes, communities to students that “R.O.C.K” (radiate outstanding compassion and kindness.)
  • (3:44) Why did Kim want to get into this business?
  • (5:03) What is Kim’s business model? A little online, a little offline (speaking engagements, trainings, etc.)
  • (6:38) How Kim’s business model works in the online space: starting with her online journal, to a killer course she launched. 
  • (7:58) Kim’s tips for how people find her business online.
  • (11:48) How has Kim used COLLABORATION in her business to grow. 
  • (14:30) Where can you find people to collaborate with?
  • (16:20) Why is journaling such a huge part of Kim’s business, and how might it help your business grow?
  • (18:58) What’s the biggest struggle that Kim has faced in being an Entrepreneur?
  • (23:50) What’s the best investment Iim has made in her business so far?
  • (25:34) What’s the best book Kim has read?
  • (27:20) What does it mean for Kim to make an impact?
  • (28:37) What’s next for Kim? ALL ABOUT HER AMAZING UP AND COMING BOOK, and the Schools That Rock Program. 
  • (31:45) Where can you connect with Kim David?


“I want to make a difference”

“Everyone wants to know how they can make an impact”

“Focus on one ting until you do it well”

“You gotta find that supportive community to start collaboration”

“Be strong, and fill yourself up with personal development, professional development, community, and hearing from others. Keep going.”

“Put those blinders on.”

“If I would have quit… when I was letting those voices get to me, then I would have never seen what I’ve been able to do right now.”

“Your breakthrough is right on the other side of that wall that you’re up against”


Connect with Kim David:


Facebook Group: Project Stella TRC

Instagram: @projectstellareaources

Kim David’s book: 52 Kids who R.O.C.K. Every Day

Kim David’s Recommendations:

The Twelve Week Year: by Brian P Moran and Michael Lennington (book)

The Principle of the Path: How to Get from Where you Are to Where You Want to Be: by Andy Stanley (book)

North Point: Andy Stanley Podcast (podcast)

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How to COLLABORATE with Other Entrepreneurs to Make a Bigger Impact (with Kim David): Episode 082

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