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First Steps on Starting a Business, and How to Take it to the Next Level- Inverview with Helen Munshi: Episode 41

Episode 41 Show Notes

Today I’m interviewing Helen Munshi! She’s an entrepreneur, business strategist, philanthropist, and all around business lover! She has extensive bakground in helping small business owners start up and run their business through learning techniques, individual coaching, and intensive business support! She helps people develop their business goals, and leads them to achieve them! This interview we talk about so much- about how to start a business, what to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business, mindset goals a s a business owner, and charity work! Enjoy!!


* Helen started working in a consulting firm, and really saw the corporate and charity side of things. She really found her passion in life coaching, and combined those skills to start her business!
* She realize quickly thet she had a bigger purpose. If you don’t feel fulfilled in your job, it means you should make a change! Your work should make you passionate.
* If you want to be an entrepreneur, Helen suggest to REALLY know why. Know what it is you want to do, and your goals. This will help you push through the hard times.
* You have to be self aware, and have patience to make changes. MINDSET IS SO IMPORTANT.
* If you have limiting beliefs, it will hold you back so much. Strategy and mindset go together. It can’t be one or the other.
* The foundation stage of building a business is SO important. If you skip that step and go straight to building your business, you will miss a key step of knowing your clients, and the buts and bolts of how you will later succeed.
* Helen said routine is one of the biggest things that led her to success.
* If you focus on something, like gratitude, it will expand. So focus on those things, and channel what you are thankful for.


* (2:17) A little more about Helen, and her background!
* (5:20) What is Helen’s business?
* (6:02) What does she suggest to someone who want’s to become an entrepreneur?
* (7:10) What is the mindset of a successful entrepreneur?
* (8:58) Mindset or strategy?
* (9:52) What are some action steps Helen has her clients take immediately?
* (11:41) Key foundational things an entrepreneur needs to succeed.
* (12:38) Helen’s mindset and business routine, and why she thinks its one of the main things that let her to success in her business.
* (13:20) Her routine.
* (15:59) Disability: how Helen leads her clients past these hard times.
* (18:10) Helens main platforms on building a business.
* (20:06) Why is being overwhelmed such an issue, and Helen’s tips on what to do if you are feeling overwhelmed.
* (22:30) Charity work: what does she do, and how she uses charity as a fundamental part of her business to be impactful.
* (26:10) Where can you stay connected with Helen?


“You really gotta to know where it is you want to go, before you can go there”
“You’ve gotta have the vision, but then you’ve gotta take unrelenting, consistent, right actions”
“Having the confidence to know that you can achieve what you want to achieve is everything.”
“What we focus on expands”
“Little successes build confidence”
“Change the world, one business at a time”


Connect with Helen:
Her Website:
Facebook Group:
(She’s offering 45 minute free strategy session!)

Charities Helen and I are a part of:
Women for Women:
Tear Fund:
World Vision:
Compassion International:
International Justice Mission:

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First Steps on Starting a Business, and How to Take it to the Next Level- Inverview with Helen Munshi: Episode 41

Thanks so much for listening! Comment below with your #1 takeaway!

To help out our show I would love it if you would subscribe and leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews really help the show, and I read every single one!

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