Healing Your Relationship With Food, and Loving the Skin You’re In (with Karen Diaz): Episode 065

Episode 065:

Today I’m talking to Karen Diaz. She is a registered dietitian, and intuitive eating coach who helps women calm the chaos around food, and love the skin they’re in, so they can live the life they were meant to lead. She helps people find a healthy relationship with food and body image, a struggle that sometimes comes up for so many of us. We talk all about self care, body image, and dealing with food and how it does effect your business. So good. Let’s dive in!


  • Karen talks about how she really felt called to do the work of helping with eating disorders. The path you choose is always going to have roadblocks. Hers was the chemistry of her industry. Know the passion behind it, and it will get you through it.
  • One of Karen’s big takeaways is that entrepreneurs should focus on nutrition and health because it is related. If we feel good in our body, and we feel healthy in our skin, it will help our business in turn.
  • If you do have negative self image thoughts, it will hold back your business. Karen shares that a lot of times if people are self conscious, they won’t show up everyday ready to do whatever is needed for your business (livestreams, in person meetings, etc.)
  • Take messy action. Show up as you are, don’t wait for a number on the scale, don’t wait until you’re perfect. It takes time to figure it all out, but don’t wait until it is.
  • Karen shares that it’s not about doing a specific diet- but your relationship with food. Make it something that is exciting to eat. If you’re going to eat dessert, make it be something amazing! A piece of cake from the grocery store is not something amazing. It’s not something that is worthy of your mouth.
  • Sometimes our body needs specific things. Cravings don’t come from nowhere, sometimes it’s filling the place of joy, or connection, or time to ourselves. Try different things and be experimental.


  • (1:48) A little more about Karen’s story, and how she got to where she is today.
  • (2:38) What made her want to get into eating disorders and nutrition?
  • (6:14) Why is it important for entrepreneurs to focus on nutrition and health?
  • (7:58) How can a negative body image of yourself negatively effect your business?
  • (10:55) What are ways to practice self care?
  • (13:09) Examples of things to do to give your body what it needs.
    • Taking some time to breathe, journal, work out.
    • Every couple hours, take a break.
    • Don’t multitask while you eat. Take time to eat and just enjoy your meal. Don’t eat stressed out, then you will digest stressed out.
  • (16:30) Dessert. Why it’s important to make sure it’s worthy of your mouth.
  • (18:14) Shifts Karen helps her clients with to have breakthroughs with food.
  • (20:02) The power of letting go of stories of the past.
  • (21:01) More story examples of will power with food.
  • (22:51) Ways we can uncover negative beliefs with food on our own.
  • (23:54) Karen’s experience moving to Costa Rica for a year.
  • (27:43) Karen’s book. What is it about, and why you need to read it!
  • (29:55) What does it mean to Karen to make an impact?
  • (31:20) The ripple effect.
  • (32:10) What’s next for Karen Diaz?
  • (33:08) Where to further connect with Karen?


“Your body is going to get what it needs no matter if you give it to it or not”

“Don’t eat stressed out, then you will digest stressed out.”

“A belief can keep us stuck when we don’t take the time to look at it a different way”

“Any time you’re away from home, there’s going to be challenges”

“It’s not about leaving a legacy, it’s about living your legacy”


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Healing Your Relationship With Food, and Loving the Skin You\'re In (with Karen Diaz): Episode 065

Thanks so much for listening! Comment below with your #1 takeaway!

To help out our show I would love it if you would subscribe and leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews really help the show, and I read every single one!

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