Interviewing Emmy Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Media Coach, & Author (with Katrina Cravy): Episode 064

Episode 064:


  • Katrina shares the story about how much she loves entrepreneurs. She knew she wanted to help get them on TV.
  • At 17, Katrina got an internship with her local media station.
  • While Katrina was still on TV, she asked what her audience would want. She surveyed them and asked what was resonating. If you don’t ask your audience, you won’t know what they need! So important.
  • You’re stealing if you don’t put yourself out there: Katrina says that you owe it to yourself, you are doing a disservice to everyone who you could be helping. BELIEVE in yourself!
  • Mindset is a huge part of nerves. Flip the script- try being EXCITED instead of NERVOUS.
  • Katrina says you can’t wing it. You need to prepare. Work on answers, go-to things to say, and answers to questions you know they’ll ask. The elevator speech is SO important.
  • Elevator speech: Start with WHY! Make a connection in people’s minds, and how they can connect to you. Then, people will remember you.
  • Use the word “local” to your advantage!
  • Check all your social media profiles- because other people will. Media goes and looks at it all before they put you on TV, so make sure it’s a representation of you.
  • If you sent an email, make sure to wait about a week before following up. You always want to be positive and up beat. Don’t become annoying. If you’ve gone through 3 emails and 2 phone calls, wait a month or so, with NEW hooks. Sometimes the media isn’t looking for what you’re offering. So wait a little bit, and try again.
  • When you go Live, don’t start it off by waiting for people to join. Don’t wait, because people rewatch it. Don’t lose people! Start off by sharing what your Live will be about, say hi as people join, and slowly start to give out your info, always shouting people out (they love that) and always be reiterating your tips. Don’t take forever to get to the point!!
  • Katrina shares that in order to be likable, you need to like yourself. SO KEY.
  • If you’re afraid of public speaking or your elevator pitch, PRACTICE! Record yourself on your phone, practice in front of your family and friends, and get feedback. Tickle your fears, as Katrina says.


  • (2:03) A little more about Katrina, and how she got started in the business.
  • (3:22) What made her interested in broadcast media in the first place?
  • (4:38) What was Katrina’s transition from TV into the online space like?
  • (5:35) The power of market research.
  • (7:31) Some of Katrina’s secrets of getting on air!
  • (8:46) THE SECRETS: How to make an email that media industry people will reply to:
    • Know their names
    • Personalize the pitch
    • Keep it short and sweet
    • Compliment the producers
    • THEN go into your pitch
  • (10:49) How to become the media’s go to expert
  • (12:50) Tips for not freezing on TV.
  • (15:23) Katrina’s tips on preparing your elevator speech.
  • (16:56) What are some questions you have to prepare for?
  • (18:46) Social media platforms to be on, and what you should and shouldn’t have on your profiles.
  • (19:50) Tips to attract the media to you: be an ATTRACTIVE, POSITIVE person.
  • (24:15) How to keep your live videos short, sweet, and attractive.
  • (25:30) What is a good quality intro? (Hear Katrina’s!)
  • (26:40) Facebook live tips: how to not have an awkward start.
  • (28:32) What’s one of the best books Katrina has ever read?
  • (30:22) Katrina’s examples of good vulnerability.
  • (31:32) What does it mean for Katrina to make an impact?
  • (32:10) Tips for people who are struggling with confidence:
    • Do something that scares you.
    • Make a list of things that frighten you, or mental fears you say. Write it down, and how you can jump over them.
  • (35:08) Why I went to Kenya, and how it made me grow.
  • (38:31) What is next for Katrina Cravy?


“Everyone was always asking me how do I get on your show?”

“You see what’s out there, and you see the dream, but you really have to put in the work.”

“You have to give people what they want, and then actually deliver it.”

“You have to be bigger than YOU.”

“You’re stealing if you don’t put yourself out there.”

“I’m not nervous, I’m excited.”

“Being vulnerable is when you’re in the most power.”

“You need to be human, you need to be likable.”

“To be likable, you need to like yourself.”

“Tickle your fears.”



Tips to get in touch with media:

Twitter: @KatrinaCravy

IG: katrinacravy

FB:  @katrina.cravy

ON AIR: Learn Insider Secrets to Attract the Media And Free Publicity by Katrina Cravy

Books Talked About in the Episode:

Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE by Phil Knight

The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

Watch Full Interview:

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Interviewing Emmy Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Media Coach, & Author (with Katrina Cravy): Episode 064

Thanks so much for listening! Comment below with your #1 takeaway!

To help out our show I would love it if you would subscribe and leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews really help the show, and I read every single one!

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