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Knowledge Business Blueprint Review: An Honest Review of the KBB Course

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review: An Honest Review of the KBB Course

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In this post, I’ll be sharing an honest review of the knowledge business blueprint online course created by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russel Brunson.

I’ve personally invested over $100,000 into my own education over the years through mentors, events, masterminds, courses, and more. 

We’ve made over a million dollars through our own online education programs. 

I’ve been in this space for a while (since 2011)…and when Tony, Dean, and Russel launched the Knowledge Business Blueprint, I was super curious as to what they were doing. 

I didn’t think I NEEDED the program. I had gone through so many already! 

I purchased it more so because I trust Tony, Dean, and Russel and know that anything they produce is world-class…and I wanted to see how they ran the program. 

I didn’t expect that going through the Knowledge Business Blueprint myself would add an additional $100,000 to our last launch and made the process a bazillion times easier and less stressful.

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review: What You Should Know:

Why I bought the Knowledge Business Blueprint Course:

To be super transparent? To see what the men were doing! I wanted to see how they ran an online program at a world-class level so I could up my game and help my students succeed. 

I was also interested in expanding our group program, Activate, and host more live events, which the program goes into huge detail about.

My review of the Knowledge Business Blueprint:

Ok, so I want to keep it super real with you. 

I was impressed with the program. The way they run it, the resources included, the way Dean STILL goes live in the group encouraging massive action, and the incentives for completing the program are amazing. 

I loved the extra bonuses and the ‘unlock’ feature, which truly did help me finish the program all the way through. 

To access certain bonuses, you have to earn a certain amount of ‘points’, which you can do through completing a lesson and answering a short comprehension quiz. 

I thought this was brilliant and love the incentives for being a finisher.

I think my FAVORITE part is that they don’t hold anything back. 

For example, when I launched Activate in the past, I had to do all of the sales calls myself, which took a lot of extra time and left me feeling burnt out. 

This past launch of Activate, I followed the exact steps laid out within KBB. 

Dean showed exactly what to put on the sales page. 

What questions to ask in the application.

He taught me about the importance of having a gatekeeper before I got on the phone to qualify them, and included the exact questions for the gatekeeper to ask. 

He gave me a simple voice message script to use to qualified applicants and included a script for me to use to close the right people. 

I felt SO empowered having the exact steps I needed to succeed. 

By following this process, I was able to jump on the phone and close within 5 minutes, easily, when in the past I would spend at least 30-45 minutes per call. 

It felt SIMPLE which I loved. 

And this was info I learned from just one part of one module of the program. 

There was so much more included that I was able to pass on to my team for when we are hosting live events, like where to host, how to pick a venue, how to negotiate contracts, etc. 

Another thing that I really appreciated was extra bonuses added in when they saw students needed it. For example, Tony and Dean noticed some mindset issues creeping up with people not taking action, so Tony added in his program The Ultimate Edge as an extra bonus to help students come over their limiting beliefs and take action.

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review: An Honest Review of the KBB Course

What’s included in the Knowledge Business Blueprint:

Here’s a breakdown of what you get inside KBB:


Lesson 1: Tony Robbins’ Secrets To Success

  • ​What Does It Take To Succeed
  •  Mindset Secrets To Scale Your Business
  •  What To Expect Moving Forward

Lesson 2: Your Expertise & Ideal Client 

  • ​Discovering Your Superpower
  •  Identifying Your Ideal Client 
  •  The Narrow Your Niche Tool 

Lesson 3: Story, Teach, Tool 

  • ​The Secret Art Of Storytelling
  •  Extracting What To Teach 

Lesson 4: Your Toolbox

  • ​The Clarity Tool
  •  The Intro Card 
  •  Seven Levels Deep 
  •  I Know I’m Being Successful When 
  •  Your Not To-Do List 
  •  The Needle Movers 
  •  The Spotlight Tool 
  •  The Success Loop 
  •  The One Thing 
  •  Negotiation Secrets 
  •  Ideas Worth Doing 
  •  The Connection Tool  
  •  The Wrap Up Too 

Note: This part was awesome. Dean literally shares the exact tools that he uses at his live events, how to use them, and the printable worksheets to pass out to attendees. These tools are proven to help students have breakthroughs and it was awesome having these resources and helped me facilitate our latest retreat.

Lesson 5: Your First Agenda 

  • ​Picking Your Event Name
  •  Picking Your Event Type
  •  Creating Your First Agenda 


Lesson 1: Becoming A Marketing Expert 

  • ​Marketing & Sales Redefined 
  •  Mastermind Marketing Philosophy
  •  Hook, Story, Close 

Lesson 2: Mastermind Funnel Blueprint

  • ​Website vs. Funnel 
  •  Anatomy Of A Landing Page 
  •  What To Charge For Your Event 
  •  Creating Your First Landing Page

Lesson 3: The Wagon Wheel

  • ​The Marketing Wagon Wheel 
  •  Facebook Blueprint 
  •  YouTube Starter Pack 
  •  Social Media Secrets 
  •  Affiliates Made Easy
  •  Email Management

Lesson 4: The Different Pages

  • ​The Perfect Order Page
  •  The Perfect Application Page
  •  Creating Your Order/Application Page

Lesson 5: The Launch Secrets

  • ​Launch & Evergreen

MODULE 3: Run It

Lesson 1: The Perfect Mastermind Formula 

  • ​Psychology Of Running A Mastermind 

Lesson 2: Virtual Event Checklists 

  • ​Running Your Virtual Event

Lesson 3: The Perfect In-Person Event

  • ​Picking The Location
  •  The Attendee Communication 
  •  Creating Event Assets 
  •  Finalizing Event Logistics 
  •  Final Room Prep 
  •  What To Do Day Of 

Lesson 4: Last Steps & Thank You! 

  • ​Entire Process Step-By-Step
  •  Thank You From Dean 

MODULE 4: Knowledge Broker

Lesson 1: The Knowledge Broker Formula

  • ​What It Means To Be a Knowledge Broker
  •  Getting To The Yes
  •  A Winning Business

MindMint Software

  • You get an entire year of the MindMint software for free with KBB #score
  • Consolidate expenses into one – Design, accept payments, & fulfill all with one system
  • ​Event Builder – Build an event from scratch using our structure for the perfect event formula
  • ​Wisdom Extractor – Build your agenda in 15 minutes with drag & drop visual capabilities to customize every event with unique tools
  •  ​Website Builder – Done for you marketing with pre-built pages, pre-written emails and both application and sales-type funnels
  • ​Customer Tracking & Sales – Beautifully built CRM to track and charge customers for each event  
  • ​Pre Designed Checklists – Get both virtual and in-person pre-loaded event checklists so you don’t miss a thing & have the perfect event
  • ​Integrations – The easiest way to automate your work, integrate with over 1300 websites and applications!

To be totally transparent, I never used the MindMint software, since we already use ClickFunnels, Kajabi, Active Campaign, etc. so I didn’t see a huge need for it. But for someone who doesn’t already have those platforms, this could be a huge extra bonus and save you tons of money.

Click here to join Tony, Dean, and Russel for a free training to learn more about the Knowledge Business Blueprint. 

Here’s what the Knowledge Business Blueprint looks like inside: 

Home page: 

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review: An Honest Review of the KBB Course

Module Page:

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review: An Honest Review of the KBB Course

Lesson Page:

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review: An Honest Review of the KBB Course

Session Page:

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review: An Honest Review of the KBB Course

Who is the Knowledge Business Blueprint For?

  • Anyone who wants to seriously scale their business over the next year. 
  • Anyone who loves detailed step by step instructions. 
  • Anyone who is a DOER and will take massive action.
  • Anyone who knows they have something of value to share but needs help figuring that out.
  • Anyone who wants to host epic training for their audience and make a massive impact.

Who should NOT get the Knowledge Business Blueprint?

  • Anyone who expects success to be handed to them. 
  • Anyone who course hops and never finishes. 
  • Anyone who’s gonna whine, complain, and then get pissed when they don’t get the transformation they are hoping for. 

I love you, but you might want to start with Unleash the Power Within, Tony’s live event to help with your mindset before you dive into KBB.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint Review Conclusion:

I’m super happy with my investment in KBB and can recommend the program without hesitation.

I hope this review helps you decide if KBB is a good fit for you. If you want to learn more, def be sure to join Tony and Dean’s free training to learn more.

If you know you want to jump into KBB right away, you can click here.

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review: An Honest Review of the KBB Course

Disclosure: When you purchase KBB through me, I collect a commission. I am an independent Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of or its parent company, LLC.

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review: An Honest Review of the KBB Course

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