Pinterest Marketing Strategy: My #1 Secret that Increased My Traffic from Pinterest by 1800%

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So, you probably know this already….but I’m obsessed with Pinterest.

If Pinterest isn’t a part of your marketing strategy for 2017, I’m asking that you reconsider!!

Pinterest is a FREE source of traffic that grows over time. Meaning I’m getting sales from posts I did 2 years ago #crazy.

Instagram and Facebook disappear within 24 hours…if people even see your post.

If you want to know more about why I’m so obsessed with Pinterest, you can read this post:

So you’re on Pinterest and you’re dedicated to using Pinterest as part of your marketing plan…now what??

A major strategy that has been a part of my Pinterest success is BoardBooster. Have you heard of it?

When I started using BoardBooster, my traffic increased like WOAH. I was shocked. I was like where are all of these people coming from?!

Then I remembered I signed up for that BoardBooster thing. It works!!

So what exactly is BoardBooster and how can it help you with your Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

I’ll cover all of that in this post!

BoardBooster can help you do many different things to help you with your Pinterest marketing plan, such as:

  • Schedule pins
  • Contribute to group boards with campaigns
  • Join tribes
  • Improve pin quality by testing broken links and duplicates
  • Clean up your boards, split a board, or remove all unwanted pins
  • Optimize your Pinterest strategy by seeing analytics for your best performing boards, best times to pin, and more!
  • Looping pins

I’ll break down each part so you can really understand how it works.

Let’s start with the scheduler feature in Board Booster.

Scheduling pins rocks because you can publish your pin during the time when your followers are most likely to notice your pins. It also spreads your pins out over time so you’re not pinning 5,000 things at one time, and it saves you time! You can spend 30 minutes per month scheduling your pins out and you’re done! #yesplease

I get 34,000 people visiting my fitness blog per month from Pinterest alone…and I seriously spend hardly any time on Pinterest. Thank you, BoardBooster!

How does the scheduling feature on BoardBooster work?

The BoardBooster schedule uses secret boards to store up all of your new pins. Then, BoardBooster will publish the pins from the secret boards to your public boards at the time you choose!

You just need to tell BoardBooster how many pins should go on each board per day, the times you want your pins to go out, and the scheduler takes care of the rest! Cool, huh?

This is my fave feature in BoardBooster because as with anything you do in life, consistency is key when it comes to rocking your Pinterest strategy. BoardBooster’s scheduling feature makes it easy peasy for you to be consistent so you’re showing up in people’s feeds every single day.

When scheduling, I suggest that you do 70% other people’s content, and 30% your own content. I share pins that are going to be helpful and relevant to my audience as well as my own pins.

Let’s move onto the campaign feature.

Campaigns are to help you automate your contribution to group boards (group boards will be a topic for a whole other post—I’ll get there!).

Group boards essentially help you increase your audience reach by automatically sharing pins in the group board. It’s really easy to forget to pin to these group boards, so the campaign feature takes care of that for you with:

  1. Random campaigns, which are for contributing evergreen (timeless) pins to group boards. You can decide one or more of your boards as the source of pins or you can provide a list of pins that you want to run for the campaign. Then, BoardBooster will pick the pins out from your source board and pin them to the group boards for you. You will set up the time and how many pins you want to go out each day.
  2. Schedules campaigns will help promote new blog posts in multiple group boards (if your’e in more than one). BoardBooster will basically take pins from a secret board and repin them to multiple boards according to the schedule you set up.

The campaign feature saves a ton of time…otherwise, I would definitely forget to contribute to the group boards I’m a part of!

Alright, let’s move on to Tribes!

Bloggers who have similar interests can cross-promote each other’s pins in what’s called a ‘tribe’. BoardBooster’s tribe management tool will help automate the entire process. #ofcourse

You can join an open tribe, request to join a private tribe, or even create your own!

I haven’t personally used this feature (yet), but it sounds cool!

Improve pin quality with the Pin Doctor!!

Have you met the Pin Doctor? He’s pretty cool =) This feature is one you definitely want to have in your Pinterest marketing strategy!!

To have success on Pinterest, you really need to focus on quality content, which means you want to make sure you don’t have pins with broken links, missing source links, or pins that link to irrelevant content.

The Pin Doctor will automatically go in and check all of your pins and detect any pins that have issues. It’s totally worth it!

The Pin Mover!

BoardBooster’s Pin Mover helps you clean up or split up late boards. It automatically finds all pins that match the criteria you enter and moves them to the board you choose.

This can come in handy if you have a massive board that you started with just recipes, and you want to break it up into  ‘keto recipe’ and a ‘vegan recipe’ boards. All you need to do is tell Pin Mover to find all the pins that contain the words keto or vegan and move them to your new board.

You can also remove all pins with a low number of reins to a temporary board, review them, and delete the board once you decide you don’t want to keep any of those pins.

BoardBooster Reports!

BoardBooster’s reports help you understand your audience so you can fine-tune your pinning strategies!

You can see the ranking of your board’s resin rate, monthly trends, follower growth, the best time to pin, and more!

Looping Pins

The looping tool feature in BoardBooster is an easy peasy way to continuously promote your existing pins to your followers.

If you’ve been pinning for a while, you probably have some great pins from a long time ago. Most of your current followers haven’t seen those pins or they don’t remember them!

The looping feature gives your old pins a chance to go viral by repinning them to the same board. #yeababy

When you loop a pin, you’ll end up with two copies of the same pin on the board. But when you’re setting up this feature, you can enable automatic deduplication, which will compare the total number of direct reins on your old pin with the new pin, and delete the one that is less viral. Makes sense? Basically, you’ll get extra traffic and growth from your old pins without having to create a ton of new content or repin your stuff manually.

The looping feature is going to work best on boards that have a few thousand followers already and at least 100 pins.

Alright, so you can obviously see that I love BoardBooster! It’s just a smarter way to grow your account…why do it all manually if you can automate it?!

If you want to do a free trial of BoardBooster, you can sign up for it here.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links which I make a small commission from when my readers purchase from the link. I only promote services and products which I think will benefit my readers and that I have personally tried myself.

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