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How to Easily Batch Social Media Content

Want to learn my key strategy to social media content creation? In this post, I’ll give you examples of how I create social media content for my business, my entire creation process, plus my social media content calendar! You’ll see some solid examples of social media content that you can apply to your business. Repin and grab my free Pinterest cheat sheet so you can get more leads! #shesmakinganimpact #entrepreneur #entrepreneurtips #blogging #bloggingtips #socialmedia

Want to know how I batch all of my social media content? I’m spilling all my secrets with you in this post.

Listen up! Because what I’m about to share with you is going to help you save SO MUCH TIME, reach more people, and actually have a life #winning

After I shared my batching secrets with students inside our online training programs, one of them recently said,

“I used to wonder why bigger people in the online space talked about “passive income” when they were on every social media platform all day. It seemed like a ton of work to me. I’m starting to definitely see how it’s possible to be present without putting in tremendous effort and it’s exciting. Batching/scheduling/planning has been a major help for me and given me tons of confidence to keep going.”

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First off, let’s talk about batching. What is batching? Essentially, it’s just creating a LOT of content at one time, instead of a little bit per day.

Why batch your social media content?

It’s going to save you so.much.time.

For real. I’m insanely productive and I really don’t work that much considering the size and scope of our business.

Seriously. A multiple 6 figure business and I work roughly 25 hours per week (give or take).

How the heck is this possible?

All thanks to the power of batching social media content.

Think about it. Let’s say you LOVE brownies (who doesn’t?!) and want to have one every night after dinner. Wouldn’t it be easier to make enough for the week instead of having to take time to do it every single night?

That’s essentially what we’re doing here. You’re taking a little bit of extra time on one specific task, instead of doing the same darn task day after day, so you have enough for a week (or even a month) at a time.

This might seem a wee bit overwhelming at first, but don’t worry. It’ll start to feel normal after about a month, and pretty soon you’ll be a social media content batching queen ??

How to Batch Social Media Content Tip 1: Open up a google doc and brainstorm all your content ideas

This is where I’ll collect quotes, write out questions I get asked often, or even go back through old events I’ve attended and pull out content and ideas from those notes.

Try to get at least 20-30 different ideas down.

Try to do this at the time where you feel most creative. For me, it’s in the morning, after I’ve already done some personal development.

Pro tip: Do ONE thing at a time. Close out all other browsers and only focus on getting this one specific task completed. You can use a pomodoro timer to keep you on task.

How to Easily Batch Social Media Content Tip 2: Open up Canva and create 25 images at a time

Go through each quote/idea and pick a short part of it to create a graphic for it. Then, duplicate the image and create another one. Keep going until you hit Canva’s max (I believe it’s 25 images).

Click download and open up the zip file on your computer.

How to Easily Batch Social Media Content Tip 3: Upload all images to your social media scheduler

Upload all the images to whatever platform you use to schedule your Instagram and Facebook content. There are quite a few these days. Personally, I use Planoly for Instagram and Meet Edgar for Facebook/Twitter.

If you’re on a budget, Buffer is another option, but it doesn’t store/loop content like MeetEdgar does.

For Planoly, after I upload all the images, I schedule them. My Instagram grid alternates between quote and pictures. I add the content that I want and schedule one post per day for Instagram.

After it’s scheduled in Planoly, I just take each image individually and add it to MeetEdgar. At this point, they don’t have a bulk scheduler so you have to upload each image individually.

This is what Planoly for Instagram looks like:

This is what MeetEdgar looks like:

How to Easily Batch Social Media Content Tip 4: Batch record video content

This is totally optional, and I didn’t add this step in until I got in a groove with the above steps.

But once you’re ready, add in video. I suggest starting with batching 4 videos at a time so you have enough to upload 1 per week.

Because I have someone who helps edit and upload the videos on our team (Thanks, Lizzy!), I upped our video content to 10 videos at a time, enough for one video per day of the week, and enough for two weeks of content.

I use Zoom video to record everything (hitting record and stop between each video) then upload the files to a google drive folder when finished.

We publish the videos to Youtube, Facebook, IGTV, and upload the audio to the She’s Making an Impact Alexa Skill. 

What’s the key with all of this? Again, stay focused on one task at a time, so you aren’t going back and forth between different websites and tasks. This is going to keep you way more efficient so you can get a ton of stuff done in less time.

How to Easily Batch Social Media Content Tip 5: Blog Content

If I’m being totally honest, I don’t typically batch my blog content. Mostly because each post takes at least 1-3 hours to write, and when I’m done, I can’t fathom writing another one #truestory

But! If you truly want to batch blog content, and you’re doing the steps I outline within Creating Killer Content and Activate, I would batch like this:

Step 1: Create a google doc with possible blog topics, at least 5-10

Step 2: Open up the Google Keyword Planner, and decide on your main keyword for each blog post

Step 3: Open up the Advanced Marketing Institute, and create killer headlines for each blog post

Step 4: Open up Canva and create a Pinterest friendly image and a featured image for each post

Step 5: Open up Pinterest and create a killer Pinterest description for each post

This way, when you sit down on Mondays (or blog writing day), all you have to do is actually write the content. The rest is done for you.

Here’s an example of what my schedule looks like:

Sunday: Decide upon blog content, main keyword, headline, Pinterest description, and graphics

Monday: Blog content

Tuesday: Podcasts/Client Calls

Wednesday: Typically off since TJ doesn’t have school on Wednesday (vive la France!) but sometimes have calls scheduled in the afternoons

Thursdays: Podcasts/Client Calls

Fridays: Instagram content/IGTV/Youtube. When I record IGTV videos, I actually do 10-15 at a time, so I only do these every other week.

I also try to batch videos on days I wear makeup lol. If I know I’m going to do a podcast interview, I’ll batch videos on that same day.

How am I currently batching in my business, and why?

Well, in 8 days I’m leaving for a business trip to Rome, then immediately after my parentally are flying to France to visit for two weeks. We’ll be in Paris, Bordeaux, and hanging around our city, Le Mans. I know, it’s a rough life ?

I want to work as little as possible while they’re here, so this week I’m creating extra content for the blog and also extra IGTV videos and IG content so I won’t have to worry about it for a whole 3 weeks.

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Question for you! Do you have a social media content strategy? Do you currently batch your social media content? If not, will you start?

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How to Easily Batch Social Media Content

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